宮崎 梨緒 (Miyazaki Rio)

Birthplace : Osaka

Blood type : A type

Birthday : Aug.26

Hobby : Music appreciation(Hello!Project・K-POP)

Skill: cooking

Member color:Pink

Passed up “up front Kansai audition” 2009.
Performing various events and live activities based in the Kansai, and also appearing as a CM character and live broadcast program VJ.Leader of “Lovelys”.

 八木 沙季 (Yagi Saki)

Birthplace : Hyougo

Blood type  : A type

Birthday  :May 31

Hobby : Watching idols, copying swings, taking pictures

Skill : Acrobat · Ventriloquism · Pantomime

Member color:light blue

Passed up “UP FRONT KANSAI AUDITION” June 2014.
Expecting newcomer with unique charm.Also pay attention to the mysterious original character “Upagi”!